The Commonwealth's conservation collaboration

2020 Conference Presentations

2020 Virginia Virtual Land Conservation & Greenways Conference

July 21, August 10 & 11, September 10

Thank you to our incredible speakers!!  The original conference theme was GROW: growing our economy and communities; growing our influence; growing leadership; growing our audience; and even growing beyond the too-comfortable boundaries of our familiar business-as-usual.  We had no way of anticipating exactly how much we would each GROW in 2020.  How much we would truly be challenged to rethink business as usual.

Presenters adapted content to the current challenges and opportunities in our communities.  They talked about equity. They talked about how outdoor spaces are providing essential health and wellness services. They talked about food systems needed to grow our food and how it gets to our table.  Thank you for joining us and being part of the conversation.  We look forward to working with all of you to put these plans into action!

Bonus Session, Pre-recorded
Using Greenways to Combat Climate Change

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