The Commonwealth's conservation collaboration

2021 Virtual Virginia Land Conservation & Greenways Conference

April 20-21 - Land Conservation and May 11 - Greenways & Trails

2021 Conference Theme: Resilience

With 2020 at our back, we recognize now more than ever the need for resilience in our work.  The word resilience evokes the fundamental principles of land conservation work, and the ecosystem services and community connections provided by protected landscapes.  Climate change demands with ever-increasing urgency that we solve big problems where land and water meet, where communities access outdoor spaces, and where energy production and land use interests compete.  Land is foundational to it all and the solutions of the future are built here.

Resilience also relates to our businesses and how we continue to operate in a pandemic world.  Resilience calls us to be better than before in broadening the conversations and serving communities of color and other disadvantaged populations.  Resilience recognizes the toll 2020 took on the individual, and the need to do what is necessary to shore up our own resources to carry forward in this important work.

Thank you to attendees, speakers, and sponsors for helping us deliver this content!

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